Melanie Martin’s Vision – Clean, Contemporary, Comfort

Clean lines.  Modern finishes.  Comfortable luxury.  And a little bit edgy.

These are words Melanie Martin used to describe her vision for the interior design of Abaco.

“I am excited about having something that is a clean, modern design, and I am excited about having a development like Abaco in Gulf Shores,” Melanie said from her showroom at the Wharf.  “It’s going to be something new and different for this area.  So the look I have designed reflects that.  It is clean and contemporary, but even more, comfortable and rentable.”

The DRG development team has had a strong, long-term working relationship with Melanie and is thrilled to have her on board as the interior designer for Abaco.

“Bringing Melanie in on the Abaco development was a no-brainer for us,” DRG Development partner David Head said. “I have worked with her before and she has impeccable taste and does beautiful work every time.”

Melanie has been involved with the project from the beginning and has put together several package options for the units.

“I have chosen a lot of beautiful neutrals so that each resident can chose to decorate in any color scheme and style,” she said. “There are three finish packages for tile, flooring and countertops.”

All units include options for wood-look tile flooring (two options) and white porcelain tile that is 24 x 24 inches and will present a stunning, modern atmosphere.  Guest bathrooms feature porcelain tile to look like Calcutta marble for an elegant yet durable feel.

Melanie also plans to offer owners the option to purchase luxury yet affordable furniture collections.  She will offer two packages in four different color schemes.  She has chosen fabrics that look amazing and are still very functional for personal or rental units.

“I am selecting Sunbrella and Revolution fabrics that are durable to the point you could pour red wine on them and they will still come clean,” she said. “So they will be great for either purpose.”

Her furniture collections will have several options, and she plans to have sample pieces in the store – sofas to sit on and beds to test out.  The collection options will be available by April 1, 2017.  The looks will offer something for everyone – some geared more toward rentals and some geared more toward permanent residents.

“Units that will be for personal use will be more customized and can have more of the residents’ own personalities reflected,” Melanie said adding, “Rental units will be a bit more standard while still highlighting style and comfort. For both levels, I am choosing sofa and chairs that are deeper – 39 inches rather than the standard 34-36 inches.  They will be custom and really inviting.”

Melanie Martin has more than 30 years in the interior design industry.  Through her design company, she has created flawless designs for everything from residential projects to commercial jobs and has designed countless condo developments in this area.  She is moving from The Wharf into a new, bigger space and will be ready to open on April 1, 2017.   The new space will have a showroom feel and will feature the sample packages for Abaco in addition to her other show pieces and “objects for a well-lived life,” clothing, jewelry, art, scents and one-of-a-kind pieces for the home.  To learn more about Melanie Martin, please visit her website.

Melanie Martin Interiors

24820 Canal Road

Orange Beach, AL 36561