Welcome to Henry Norris, Architect for Abaco

DRG Development has enlisted the architectural design firm of Henry Norris & Associates to design Abaco and introduce features never before seen in Gulf Shores.  Between the unique design of interior units that offer a more panoramic feel to the 7,000 square feet of flowing water features, Abaco will be Gulf Shores Like You Have Never Seen It.

“Working with Henry on the design of Abaco has been a gift,” DRG Development partner David Head said. “He has a unique vision for this development, and he has worked hard to see that this vision come to fruition.”

From the beginning of this project, Norris had an idea to make each residence have a wide, panoramic view of the Gulf so that every unit feels like an end unit.

“A lot of projects are built parallel and straight across the setback line so that each unit is the same distance from the beach view.  Most projects are built this way,” he said. “With Abaco we allowed the interior units to capture a more panoramic view by being pushed further south toward the water than the end units. With that, you feel like you are more surrounded by water and nature.”

Norris also described the interior units as having a “splayed” view creating a bi-directional balcony.  While the unit itself is 36 feet wide, the balcony, with its curvature toward the Gulf has a total of 46 feet in width.  Additionally, the interior walls angle outward as they get closer to the Gulf giving the feeling that everything is opening toward the water.

“This is a concept we had from the very beginning,” Norris said. “I am so pleased to see it come through in the final design.”

Another unique aspect of Abaco is the water feature.  Designed to give the feeling of a flowing and never-ending oasis, Abaco will offer more than 7,000 square feet of pool features with a lazy river and a spa whirlpool.

Norris said Abaco is the only development in Gulf Shores to have water features that integrate pools to flow into one another as much as these will.

“What makes this pool special is that it meanders in and around the first level’s support walls and columns while integrating the water feature designs,” Norris said. “The Lazy River flows from the indoor pool to the outdoor pools and throughout the building.  This reflects the flow of the waves, the natural beach forms, and scenes in nature.”

Henry Norris & Associates is based in Pensacola, FL and has more than 30 years of experience in award-winning residential and commercial architectural design.  Their portfolio includes Caribe, Mandolay Beach, Bella Luna, Atlantis, Mediterra, San Carlos and Grand Harbor to name a few.

You can see more of Henry Norris & Associates’ work at their website.